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Stay Smart aims to provide all-star cheer and dance gym owners and coaches with the best customer experience and consistency across our brands regarding housing requirements for Varsity All Star events.

The purpose of a housing requirement is two-fold. The first purpose is to protect our customers. Having a housing requirement allows our housing partners the ability to negotiate the lowest rates, and hold those rates firm for our customers, preventing supply and demand from influencing rate changes from the time the venues are contracted until the event occurs. These negotiations also include getting the best amenities and team-friendly cancellation policies with premier hotel properties near the venue.

Secondly, the ability to secure the best space for an event in the ideal time frame is directly tied to the event producer’s ability to deliver and track hotel room nights. Cities build convention centers and venues of all sizes to bring in business. Cities measure an event’s impact on their economy based on hotel room usage. If an event can prove their positive economic impact on the city by accounting for all their participants utilizing their hotels, then the city will in turn help the event to secure the best possible dates and rates for the future. This is true for large, city-wide events, as well as smaller events in smaller cities.

Most of our hotels do not charge more for triple or quad occupancy. However, the charge is set by each individual hotel. Many times, if the hotel charges for additional guests it may be due to breakfast being included in the rate.

Exception forms are currently online for all events. Exceptions for all events must be submitted 30 days prior to the competition date. Once exceptions have been closed no additional requests for exceptions will be accepted.

Cancellation policies vary from Competition to Competition and vary by each individual hotel. If you have already made your reservation your cancellation policy will appear on your email confirmation. If you have not secured your room, the Call Center will explain all the policies to you if you reserve through the Call Center. If you are placing your reservation online, please click on “Show Room Policies” which is on the booking page before you proceed to the payment information.

The distance from each Hotel to the Venue is displayed online during the selection process. If you are calling the Call Center, they will advise you of the distance from the hotel to the Venue.

Yes, it is important for the Athlete’s name to be listed on the reservation so it may be verified by the Housing Company and Varsity while completing the Compliance process with your Coach.

For CHEERSPORT, due to the volume of requests it may take a few weeks. Please be sure to check your email address provided frequently for requests for documentation or clarification so we can expedite the process as quickly as possible.

Yes. Please make sure to identify the correct Gym and Team for each athlete.

This is each Gym’s decision. If your Gym allows you to book outside of their Gym block, simply contact our Call Center for all the hotel options currently available.

The reservations we take are generally submitted to the hotel approximately 21-30 days prior to the competition. Your name will not appear in the hotel system until they have received and entered their list.

The Stay Smart program only applies to athletes that are competing or attending the event. If your athlete is injured and is not attending the event, they would not be required to have a reservation. If a reservation was already secured, and your athlete was subsequently injured, the reservation is still subject to the cancellation policy.

Shuttles would be provided by the individual hotel. Please check with your hotel to see if they offer a shuttle to the Event Venue. If you are not at a hotel within walking distance to your Venue, all the Cities we work with have taxis, public transportation and ride sharing services.

In order to contract the volume of rooms that are needed for the competitions, the hotels may impose a two or three night minimum for us to obtain a large block of rooms. Also, hotels may have just a handful of rooms that minimums are not applied to and in most cases the rate is higher than the group rate.

For questions on parking, we recommend you contact the Hotel for specific details on self-parking versus valet, bus, camper, truck and potential costs.

Most hotels require a guest in the room to be at least 21 years old. If all guests in the room are under the age of 21 you should contact the hotel prior to arrival to insure you will be allowed to check in.

Varsity, Housing Managers, Convention Centers and Gyms have all had a part in the selection of hotels. If you have a hotel suggestion, or complaint please let us know.

Unless your hotel has specific minimum night stay requirements you can leave the hotel early; however, most hotels require you to tell them prior to or at check in time. If advised after check in, hotels may charge an early departure fee.

We suggest you either contact the Venue or visit their website for admission and parking costs.

If you are not a commuter Gym or have not qualified for an exception you would be required to stay at least one night.

This varies from hotel to hotel and will be listed with the hotel description on our website. If you are making your reservation via our Call Center our agents will be able to advise you if breakfast is included.

Most competition schedules are not released until much closer to the event dates. Please keep checking the event web site for updated information.

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