Stay Smart Events
Housing is required. Please see below for housing details, policies, and deadlines.


Event Name Location Event Start Event End Housing
2023 CHEERSPORT Atlanta, GA 02/17/2023 02/19/2023 Exemption

Our “Stay Smart” policy requires all teams (including participants, coaches, and spectators) to book reservations through Connections Housing, the official and only housing company authorized to book housing for groups attending 2023 CHEERSPORT. We sincerely appreciate your adherence to this housing policy and understand that it will be strictly enforced.


Inventory availability changes quickly so make sure you are available and ready to discuss hotel options when the CHEERSPORT Housing Coordinator contacts you. Team blocks are setup for 4 days, please make sure your Team is ready to book when you setup a block.

Connections Housing no longer requires rosters to track compliancy. We will track your reservations via our booking system, so please make sure athletes names are listed on the reservations when booking. This will also include tracking of approved exemptions for your team. We will work with Varsity to track compliancy with the athletes booked versus the athletes registered.

The DEADLINE to submit an exemption for CHEERSPORT is January 17, 2023.
This event has a Housing Requirement and is considered Stay Smart Event. In order to participate in the event, all teams are required to book their lodging through the official housing partner, Connections Housing.

It is not our intent to force anyone to pay for a hotel room that wouldn’t otherwise need one. Individuals within 60 miles of the Atlanta metro area are exempt from this policy. We will also exempt individuals for the following reasons:

  • Military members or those who qualify for reduced military rates and/or government rates at a participating hotel. Please note, the hotel will require military or government ID upon check-in.
  • Those who wish to utilize hotel points at a participating hotel (points must cover the entire stay)

Individuals desiring an exemption will need to submit the request before January 17, 2023. The forms will be reviewed, and a decision will be made by January 24, 2023. Please note that we are aware this system has been abused in previous years and are going to diligently review and confirm each request submitted. It is not fair to our customers who abide by the policy for some individuals to ignore it.

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